Monday, February 16, 2009

7th period

here is the thread for 7th period's Kafka conversations...


  1. Marvelous!
    Alright, I suggest that we divide the story up into sections, and record our decisions, here, that way everyone can readily access them.

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  3. Group Divisions:
    Katie, Antron, Martin, Bella, Matilda, Hannah, Peter, Brigeda, Elizabeth
    Pelly, Ana, Lauren, Ailie, Cailynn, Sadie, Laurie, Danny, Emily
    Sarah, Shea, Jessica, Jay, David, Meera, Andrew, Clara, Gabby

  4. Guidelines
    Exterior margins: One inch
    Panel spacing: One centimeters

  5. Possibilities
    Selective colouring (dark blue? red?)
    Gregor will vary between groups
    All caps for dialogue/narrative?

  6. "Woah woah. Mind giving me the update on whatever we discussed/I missed in class today?"

    ... she said, absently.


    - the bug becomes more realistic/less cartoony throughout the comic
    - as the comic goes on, use less and less narration, less panel division (ie use more full-page spreads)
    - focus on narration more for pt 1
    - focus on illustration more for pt 2
    - focus on dialogue more for pt 3

    - sister has short hair, wears an apron/simple dress
    - didn't hear much about how to draw the other members of the family. suggestions???

    * write only on the fronts of pages!

  8. Here is what I sent out in the email once again:

    Margins: 1 inch on all sides, 1 cm between panels
    Only draw on the front of a page
    Everything in black and white, except for things that are red (Blood, apple, possibly violin?)
    No set number of panels, do how ever many you like, broken up however you like as long as it fits the margins
    Just make your speech bubbles and thought bubbles like generic speech and thought bubbles. For naration, use a square box.
    No faces on the parents- like in charlie brown, only show like their torso down. if there's a part where showing their faces is unavoidable (like Gregor is at the top of the stairs and watching them eat) Do somehting so you don't have to draw the faces, like make it all shadowy on their faces ya know? If that's confusing I'm sure you can get a better explanation from your group leaders...
    The sister should be protrayed as the parents if in your section she's called "the sister," but if he is thinking of her by name draw her face. The only set thing for that is she should have pretty short hair.

    Some explanation about this stuff: The family's faces shouldn't be seen because Gregor is really disconnected from them, so it adds to their distance from him and also makes him seem less human. We're making objects red because there are a lot of significant things throughout that are red, but don't just make random things that might not be red red (like curtains or something). And your bug should sort of fit your section, like for section one we are making our bug a little cartoonish and sort of human looking because he is the least bugish in the beginning.

    Hope that all makes sense!

    Also, my group: I can't tell who's who from some of the emails so if you could identify yourself it would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to make an email group just for us so we can discuss all our secret plans (jk, I just wanna send you a description of who's doing what again). And I'll scan a picture of the bug by tomorrow, my scanner's being fussy right now.


  9. Also, I don't remember talking about the focus on narration vs. dialogue and panel divisions that Ariel mentioned. Are we going to do that? I think it's fine and a lot easier if we do whatever we want with something like that, but what does everyone else think?

  10. I had a thought about how the layout of the house needs to be consistant as well.Is his room at in a hall leading to the living room, or does his door go right into the living room? And what kind of furnishings are in the room? I suppose that will be slightly different for each group, but they should be mostly the same. I didn't get on the email group can someone add me please? Thanks!

  11. Sorry, Katie, I just wrote down what I caught from other people, so it may have gotten jumbled up when I typed it up. I thought as the novel shifts from Gregor's thoughts/emotions to those of his family, or as he becomes less human, the narration would become less necessary, it'd be another degree of separation from his humanity. Then as the focus moves to Gregor's family and his effect on them, they are shown more often, and thus have more dialogue.

    These are just thoughts. Of course the decision to format pages in whichever way lies with whoever's doing them.

  12. Group 3: We need to decide how to make our bug look in general. I was thinking thinner and less cartoony.

  13. Yeah, Lauren I don't know about the his bedroom. I think that there's a lot of description about placement and appearance in the book, and I don't think that it will be a huge deal if we can't get them exactly the same. Mostly, I just think it's really hard to coordinate this stuff over the interwebs...I don't really know what to do about that...

  14. To the editors- is this to be done in ink?

  15. Umm...I think it should, but if everyone doesn't see this and does it somehow else I guess that's fine. Really, I think we should be focusing more on the quality of our work than how consistent it is. But yeah, ink sounds good.

  16. Do we know what the bug will look like for each part? If we choose to vary his appearance from chapter to chapter, we should at least decide on a general image, like, three segments, eight legs, no chompers, etc. -- to make drawings at least somewhat consistent.

  17. I thought the bug was supposed to change from part to part, as it's never really explained what it looks like in the novel apart from having many legs (I was thinking around six?) Anyway, you can find inspiration if you Google some scary bugs with the appropriate parts: segments, antennae, legs, and so on. Pictures of cockroaches and cave crickets are particularly good if you want it to look realistic.

  18. Was also looking up some reference pictures for Grete and the family's clothes. Here are some good pictures of the fashion around that time:




    The last one is of Kafka and his sisters, which could be fun if you see Samsa as Kafka's stand-in in the story.

  19. Gregor's room should always be dark whenever he is not present in the room...that means shading the wall dark...

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  21. Thanks for the references, Pelly. I hope they helped people because they're pretty AMAZING. (I like the Kafka one.)